API Department Director Updates: Cloud community, Dept meeting, API blog

March 22, 2019

UCB Cloud Meetup: If you get a chance, please come to the UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup on 3/26 from 5-7pm at UC Berkeley's SkyDeck accelerator. I will be releasing an update to the June 2017 UC Berkeley Cloud Strategy document next week.  Our next steps build on the progress we've made on the Cloud Strategy so far. A big area of focus in the coming update is that we need more attention on building community and culture around cloud innovation (beyond CIAT, which is our infrastructure-focused group, run by IST's Walter Stokes). We will have more training, engagement via the official UC Berkeley Cloud Computing Community of Practice along with a public meetup. The idea behind the public meetup is to generate ideas and energy by bringing together industry people, our OneIT teams, and academics and researchers doing interesting work in the cloud. Both the Community of Practice and the Meetup are true community efforts developed in partnership between Berkeley's Division of Data Sciences, Research IT, the SkyDeck, the Academic Innovation Studio and the CTO.

Department Meeting:  We're working on the location but have added the meeting to your calendars and hope you can make it!  If you have topics you'd like to see covered, please tell your manager, email me, book time with me in my office hours, or submit your anonymous feedback. (If you don't trust us that your feedback is anonymous, just ask bConnected team's Bernie Rossi or Jon Hays who can vouch for that. We have had transparency for all non-consensual access of bConnected personal data since 2015.)

News - API Blog: Here's the a recent post from our API department blog about our student mobile team made up of amazing students from UC Berkeley and interns from Oakland Tech High School.  If you haven't met the students (and even if you have), please stop by the second floor of Warren Hall to their bullpen one afternoon to say hello.  Also please check out our API Department website - thank you Open Berkeley team for the great hosting service.  All API managers have committed to teams posting one article per month on our blog— and if you have ideas you can email me things you would like to have featured that help tell our API department story. (We will also sometimes cross post at API, local team sites and on technology.berkeley.edu) I'll be posting in the next week or so on my vision for the "Plug and Play" University  (which describes the original vision for the API department and a general design pattern for higher ed IT) — how services like ours enable Berkeley to be resilient, agile, cost-effective and let our students, faculty and staff be more autonomous and empowered with technology.