API Welcomes our Student Mobile Development Team

March 8, 2019

Last week, the API Department's Jon Hays and Jen Bellenger along with Mobile workgroup members Sarah Fullerton (Arts+Design), Anne Marie Richard (Associate CIO for Student Affairs IT), and CTO Bill Allison, welcomed the incoming student team who will be working on the campus mobile app, UC Berkeley Mobile (The app, "Bk" -- named for chemical element Berkelium, not the hamburger restaurant -- is available for everyone to download in both the Apple and Google Play stores.) Throughout the spring semester, the students will be working with the API team to build the Bk product roadmap, and, leveraging the investment by the Student Tech Fund, to engage with Berkeley students to build the features they most want to see.

Pictured Left to Right (Back row): Brandon Chou, Gibson Chu, David Lin, Monica Tang, Sarah Fullerton, Jacob Macleod, Jon Hays, Anne Marie Richard

Pictured Left to Right (Front Row): Annie Zheng, Elizabeth Fung, Bill Allison, Jen Bellenger

(Not pictured: Rohan Jhunjhunwala, Ashley Nguyen, Jacob Wong)

In addition to UC Berkeley undergraduate students, paid for through the Student Tech Fund, the Office of the CIO has sponsored two students from Oakland Tech High School for a three month internship. The Oakland Tech students will be focusing on learning the mobile app platform, fixing bugs and identifying areas for improvement.