API 2018 Metrics Roundup

May 9, 2018

The API Department keeps regular metrics on all of our services, and this week we put together an overview of some of the key measures to help our campus leaders understand the impact of API's services.

Google Email

  • Accounts:  157,793 (54,075 Students, 15,569 Employees, 75,815 Alumni, 8,232 Departmental Accounts (SPA), 3,407 Affiliates, 695 Retirees

UC Berkeley Google Accounts by Affiliation


  • Inbound email messages received for one day:  1,098,054
  • Outbound email sent for one day: 37,456

On-Premise Email Infrastructure

On premises email is used for UC Berkeley systems from printers and copy machines to enterprise systems that cannot connect to Google for network or security reasons.

  • Accounts/systems: 121
  • Outbound email sent for one day: 109,422

Cloud Storage

Data about UC Berkeley's cloud storage

  • Google Drive storage:  1,499,242 GB
  • Gmail storage:  245,306 GB
  • Box storage: 1,283,073 GB - Active accounts: 45,966
  • Sharepoint storage: 335 GB - 133 Sites

API Service - Integration Metrics

APIs are used to share data and functions across many campus domains and their systems, such as

  • Student Information Systems: Admission, Athletics, Class, Course, Student, Term, etc.
  • Student Affairs: Bearfacts, CalLink Student Groups, etc.
  • Research IT: CollectionSpace@UCB
  • University Development and Alumni Relations
  • And many others, such as the HR system, the Berkeley Financial System, HaaS Course Schedule, the Library, CoolClimate, etc.

As of this month, 2,778 API client accounts have been created by campus units/developers, of which 291 accounts are actively utilized by campus systems over the past year to access APIs, with 1,293,983 average API calls/transactions per day (between 2/3/2018 - 5/4/2018), with 99.9% service uptime over the past year.


The Imagine document management and workflow service is Integrated with many critical campus systems serving stakeholders including Student Systems, Accounts Payable, Travel and Entertainment, Contracts and Grants, School of Public Health and the Chancellor’s Immediate Office. The system stores more than 1.5 terabytes of documents and most new documents entering the system are "born digital".