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The Architecture, Platforms, and Integration teams often serve as the bridge between end users, functional IT groups, and core IT areas:

  • End users of campus IT technology services want technology that is easy to use and work
  • Campus IT groups focused on specific functional needs want common solutions that allow them to avoid reinventing the wheel
  • Core IT areas provide core campus technology and services but may not directly interface with the end users

Who we are and what we do

API includes the following teams and services:

API Central

The UC Berkeley API Management Portal is your starting place to obtain portable campus data securely. Search and find APIs, learn how to use them, and get the right level of access. Publish your APIs to campus and external audiences, manage security and access levels, and track analytics.


bConnected provides a variety of email, calendaring and collaboration services to all faculty, staff and students at Berkeley. Visit https://bconnected.berkeley.edu to learn more. 

Enterprise Integration Services

Enterprise Integration Services (EIS) is the on-campus resource for systems integration needs. We design and develop application programming interfaces (APIs), web services, and messaging solutions for core campus projects. We also host and manage your APIs, providing highest-level security, rate limiting, and monitoring.

Open Berkeley

Open Berkeley is a complete web publishing turnkey solution that includes hosting, site spinup, training, site launch, security, accessibility, and maintenance updates, branding, new features, and ongoing support. Campus employees with no prior web experience can use Open Berkeley's powerful toolset to easily build sophisticated websites, and customers can rely on Open Berkeley to provide critical solutions to ongoing security, accessibility, and maintenance issues.

Web Accessibility

The UC systemwide Information Technology Accessibility Policy states that all campus websites and web applications should be accessible to people with disabilities, including those who use assistive technologies. Our web accessibility team helps campus units by providing accessible web publishing solutions, offering online tools and resources, and providing consulting services for RFPs and for web development projects.

Web Platform Services

In addition to managing the Open Berkeley solution and providing web accessibility resources, Web Platform Services also facilitates the relationship with Pantheon, an external hosting platform that provides powerful, easy-to-use tools for building and maintaining Drupal or WordPress websites. 

Imagine Document, Information and Workflow Management

The Imagine Service provides a document management, imaging, and workflow system that enhances how the campus manages paper and document processing. The service provides hosting and support for a system that enables customers to reduce or replace paper-based storage and business processes with more efficient and cost effective electronic storage and business processes. The service helps customers to update business processes, preserve documents, determine retention periods, eliminate physical storage, collaborate with colleagues, exchange data with other campus technology systems, and prepare for business continuity in event of a disaster.

eSignatures at Berkeley

The eSignature service at UC Berkeley enables campus to reap the time and cost saving benefits of using electronic signatures via an electronic process in place of "wet signatures" using a paper process. The service platform is DocuSign, a cloud hosted service that is approved by campus and the state of California to process legally binding signatures. We are pleased to help you get started with eSignatures.